A wheelchair is a joyful, freeing part of my body and sense that I love. I experience a constant clash between my experience and the perceptions of society.

Chairs are associated with sitting so a wheelchair is already a challenge to the perception of inactivity, sitting and moving.

“geez honey…

We ran a workshop at the Southbank Centre, London exploring different forms of drawing using the motion of wheelchairs. Starting with physical drawing and moving to digital drawing as forms of activisim.

The goal of the workshop was to use tools to find new ways of seeing and exploring spaces…

We worked with UK based wheelchair users to explore different physical & digital ways of mark making using the motion of wheels. Each technique was introduced with work by artists who experience disability.

We were interested in the drawing experience and how it might be used by participants. The tension…

Projects or artists who use a wheelchair to draw.

Present and absent (2009)

The artist Sue Austin part of the Freewheeling group used white marking fluid to make various pieces outdoors and indoors from the back wheels of her powered wheelchair. …

Ways of tracking the movement of active participants using wheelchairs indoors. Considering both realtime and offline solutions with a mix of low resolution motion capture and indoor positioning.


  • Identity is not essential when tracking since we are working with active participants.
  • Precision matters for movement but we can do post-corrections.

Art that examines the effects of physical spaces on peoples mind and behaviour through novel exploration of public space. Finding ways of breaking the selective gaze that ignores everything but what is neccessary for the task at hand.

Disability as a social construction enforced through the design of physical spaces…

Exploring projects that support attaching and viewing digital assets in physical spaces. Part of my research for the project “Wheel trails”, exploring digital street art created through the motion of wheel based mobility.

Drawing with lines

Just a line is a project drawing a line in 3D space with your phone’s motion. Activating…

Joseph Wilk d[-_-]b

Artist working with code, creativity and computation. Performs as @repl_electric

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