Wheeltrails mark making workshop

Physical mark making


  • Left strong marks.
  • Marks faded quickly.
  • Hard to photograph under normal lighting conditions.
  • No way to distinguish between different users markings.
  • Strong tire imprints
  • Limited drawing/release time
  • Supported color and distinction between users.
  • Did not fade.
An office floor with chalk tire marks in two perfect circles. The artist is visible in his powered wheelchair.
Wheeltrails with chalk and water.
View of a floor with tire tread pink chalk marks. They create eyes and a mouth of a smiley face.
Wheeltrails smiley
A floor with only slightly visible water tire marks and chalk marks.
A mix of water and chalk swirls.

Ripping trails

Two long pieces of brown paper stuck to the floor with black duct tape. There is a rip that has tire markings across the paper.
Rips recording motion.
Close up of the paper with a tire tread rip. The rip has a castellated like edge
Powered wheel rip
Two brown, long pieces of paper duct tapped to the floor. The paper has been ripped a lot, with pieces removed and strewn over the floor.
Intentionally maximising ripping.

Digital mark making

Drawing with Weird type in Augmented Reality.
Drawing with a GoPro attached to the wheels of a powered wheelchair.

The wheelchair as a creative device





Artist working with code, creativity and computation. Performs as @repl_electric

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Joseph Wilk d[-_-]b

Joseph Wilk d[-_-]b

Artist working with code, creativity and computation. Performs as @repl_electric

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